Motorcycle High Speed AGM Vacuum Filling Machine

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The Advantage:

  • Fully automated process
  • High Speed filling capacity up to 8 Batt/min depending on group compression and fill volume [4 station]
  • Battery evacuation inside & outside of the battery
  • Very accurate filling, +/- 0,3% [by 500 ml fill volume]
  • Exact filling volume by flow meter/per cell
  • Avoiding air inclusions during filling process
  • Production of batteries with a higher performance
  • Space saving design
  • Temperature control monitoring.

Description of function

This machine is suitable for filling motorcycle AGM batteries with sulfuric acid using vacuum. The volume of acid to be filled per cell, is metered via a volumetric measuring system. The acid is fed via the filling tool with the individual filling heads. The desired quantity (setpoint) is set in the PLC program on the control panel. The batteries are transported individually and positioned under the patented functional unit – VACBOX. The VACBOX moves down and starts evacuating the box including the battery. No sealing of the battery is necessary. When the preset vacuum target is reached, the filling process starts continuously until the preselected filling volume is filled. The vacuum of the VACBOX supports the very fast and accurate filling of the acid into the battery. Depending on the group compression and fill volume, a capacity of up to 8 batteries per minute can be achieved.


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