High Quality Battery Manufacturing Equipment.

Filling. Testing. Finishing.

We are the experts for battery Equipment with intelligent solutions for all demands, because our products are unique as our costumers. Choose from a wide range of products, we are glad to offer solutions for your production in the Finishing Area.

LABAT, Bulgaria 2021

CMWTEC technologie GmbH is looking forward to meeting our clients and partners at booth no. 35 at the LABAT, Bulgaria 2021, between 8-11 June. The conference is to be held at the International Hotel Casino & Tower...

Improved HRD process with integrated E-load device – Now available also for motorcycle batteries

Improved HRD process with integrated E-load device The unique design of the watercooled E-load with the space saving design, is also an advantage as the robust design, suited to operate in heavy duty environment and...

BCI, USA 2021

CMWTEC technologie GmbH is looking forward to meeting our clients and partners at booth no. "will be announced later" at the BCI, Power Mart Expo USA 2021, between  April 25 - 27 2021. The convention is to be held...

Company video introduction

Let us introduce ourselves.
A leading manufacturer of battery finishing line equipment for OE battery producers.


Premium Line Equipment

Our High-End Product: The Premium Finishing Line for OE Battery Manufacturer. From automated to fully automated machines, we leave nothing to be desired.


Eco Line Equipment

Our ECO Line products close the gap between high-tech performed machine equipment with customized specifications and low standard performance.


Semi­automatic Equipment

The machine concept of our semiautomatic machines based on the technology of fully automatic machines. Developed as individual single models, or laboratory equipment


Combi­nation Machine Equipment

Space saving design and cost saving without sacrificing the necessary function and comfort is the key for this combination of different application concept.


Battery Handling Equipment

Ergonomic handling of batteries in a production line and Warehouses. Individual solutions for all kind of batteries from automotive to industrial. Customized for your needs.


Data­manager Software

The Management System for automated recording and centralized administration of data for batteries with code and test results.


End of line Test Lead Acid Battery

Automatic final electrical load test of automotive car and truck batteries with NEW integrated E-load modules up to 3000A.


End of line Test Lithium Battery

Universal intelligent test station which meets the highest standards of ergonomics, working environment, safety, and efficiency.



Special application machines for the assembly area. Customized and unique as our customer requirements.

Industry Company


Innovative products

Our machines are always at the state of the art. Innovative like the products of our customers.

Exact & Precise.

Products made for the high-quality demands of our customers in the original equipment manufacturing.

Worldwide ambitious

Manufactured in Germany with punctual delivery worldwide, you can rely on.

Years of experience

Experience is a valuable asset, so that the machines do what they are supposed to do.

Jobs & Career

CMWTEC bietet Ihnen einen langfristig orientierten Arbeitsplatz in einem professionellen Team, in dem das Arbeiten Spaß macht. Viele Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter sind bereits seit über einem Jahrzehnt und mehr mit dem Unternehmen verbunden und tragen damit zum Erfolg von CMWTEC im wesentlichen bei. Dazu kommt, dass wir als innovatives weltweit operierendes Unternehmen tagtäglich mit interessanten Aufgaben in Kontakt kommen.  Unterhalb der Geschäftsführung gibt es bei uns flache Hierarchien, die eine einfache Kommunikation und schnelle Entscheidungswege ermöglichen.

Sicherer Arbeitsplatz

Spannende Produkte & neue Technologien

Zielorientiertes Arbeiten

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