Pin hole test

CMWTEC Assembly Semi Pin Hoel Test 3D Mockup no background

The Advantage:

  • Location of the smallest leakage
  • Test of bottom injection point in an empty battery box
  • Working Height electrically adjustable
  • Movable system
  • Individual test heads
  • Exchangeable test heads for different battery types
  • Short change-over time

Description of function

The task of the machine is a pin hole test of empty battery boxes. Therefore the test heads are an individual design with several small chains for efficient testing of all areas of the bottom of an empty battery box. For testing, head will be placed into the battery box. The positive Electrode (chains) will be inside the battery box, while a negative electrode (copperplate) outside will be proof sealing of the battery box bottom. If there is a leak the system will show a failure signal. As an option all battery boxes can be marked on the bottom side with OK for good batteries or NOK for failed batteries after each test cycle.


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