19th ELBC 2024, booth 25&26


CMWTEC technologies GmbH invites all customers and interested parties to join us at this year’s 19 ELBC, the European Lead Battery Conference,

which is held between 16-19 September 2024 in the North wing of the MiCo convention center of Milan/Italy.

This year we  show live at our booth no. 25&26 the premiere of our modular automated combination End-Of-Line (EOL) Test Machine.

The First Test Machine which combines High Rate Discharge Test with Impedance Test All-in-One Machine

For delegates who are interested, feel free to contact us in advance to book a personal demonstration with our specialist. For interest in our End-Of-Line Test Machine use our PROMO code “19thELBC-EOL” with your request by E-Mail directly to us and you will get your special benefit.



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Please contact us if you are interested in a machine from our machine portfolio. Or contact us if the machine you are looking for is not described on our website. Our sales team and our engineers will be happy to help you with the design for your specific requirements.