Improved HRD process with integrated E-load device – Now available also for motorcycle batteries

Improved HRD process with integrated E-load device

The unique design of the watercooled E-load with the space saving design, is also an advantage as the robust design, suited to operate in heavy duty environment and the fail safe operation to eliminate production downtime.

The major new testing features of the improved HRD process:Programming flexibility and the ability to accurately discriminate between acceptable and unacceptable batteries, supplemental evaluation criterias such as DC resistance DCR, AC impedance ACR and the CCV discharge curve vs. time.

The PLC graphical interface to create customized test profiles, view test results will allow a high-end HRD test for OE Battery manufacturer.


Optimize your HRD Process – with our new improved HRD Test Software and the watercooled modular 500A E-load units.

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