End-of-Line High Rate E-Load Stand-Alone System

Designed for high current load tests in a production line for testing of automotive batteries. The system consists of a movable frame that houses the water cooling unit, the control unit and several power stage modules up to 6 modules in one Rack. Can also be connected to 3rd Party High Rate Test Machine.

E-Load-stand-alone_with-Display 3D Mockup no background

The Advantage:

  • Robust steel rack mounted on a moveable frame
  • E-Load performance scalable by adding additional modules at any time
  • Fail safe operation to elininate production downtime
  • Free access to relevant components
  • water cooled, suited to operate in heavy duty environment

End-Of-Line High-Rate Process Control Software

  • More flexibility to create customized profiles
  • Option to create customer-specific characteristics and signal shapes
  • Evaluation of the measured data with regard to internal resistance
  • Impedance and relaxation voltage
  • Ability to run multiple profiles in a sequence
  • dV/dt detection of the load jump as well as of the discharge gradient
  • Provision of all recorded data at PLC level for pick-up by higher level SCADA systems

Description of function

Scalable Rack design for our CHL500A E-Load modules with Master module. Stainless-steel housing made for heavy environment areas, as well as for laboratories. New high-end process software with profile editor for 5 different test profiles like Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Const. Resistance, Constant Power and integrated impedance & DC internal Resistance measurement for automotive lead-acid batteries.


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