Semiautomatic End-of-Line Test Machine for Lithium or Alkaline Battery Cells

Semiautomatic-End-Of-Line-Test-Machine-for-Lithium_Alkaline-Battery-Cells 3D Mockup no background

The Advantage:

  • Cell quality check for QA input testing before assembly into modules
  • Manual inserting but fully automatic quality battery test process
  • Individual test devices adaptable
  • Safe test position ensures homogenious test environment
  • Freely programmable test profiles
  • Batteries with module voltage 1,5V or any other
  • Provision of all recorded data at PLC level for pick-up by higher level SCADA systems
  • Short change-over time

Description of function

The semi-automatic End-Of-Line cell testing machine is designed for a quality test of cells before assembly into modules. It allows testing of multiple test sequences while the lithium/alkaline battery cells are placed on the fixture on the turntable. The cells inserted by hand and then tested automatically. The appropriate test equipment for multiple tests can be installed in this machine. The high end QTS software of our end of line test machine can be operated and controlled from the main HMI screen. All individual test profiles can be set up and configured to allow multiple test profiles in one sequence.


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