Customized 5-in-1

  • 1 station Post Brushing function unit
  • 1 station High Rate Discharge test function unit
  • 1 station High Voltage Leakage test function unit
  • 2 station Needle marking function unit
CMWTEC_Premium-Combi-5-in-1-Test 3D Mockup no background

The Advantage:

  • Post contact by clamping system
  • OCV,CCV; deltaV test
  • Location of smallest leakage
  • Marking of leakpoint by local burning
  • Test of cover seal line and bottom of the battery box
  • Marking batteries on top or side
  • Marking on battery boxes or lead post
  • Pre-selection of numbers or letters
  • High-tech-digital electronic test devices
  • Interface to read out test data
  • Reject table for failed batteries
  • Automatic test process
  • Combination or single use of each test machine
  • One Touch Panel for all single machines
  • 2D Scanner for collecting Battery code Data (option)
  • High Capacity output
  • Quick and easy Changeover time

Description of function

The machine is designed to have 5 different functions units in one main frame with one PLC controller and one HMI. The individual batteries supplied through the conveyor of the test machine are positioned exactly at each function station. Post brushing, followed by High Rate Discharge testing, followed by a High Voltage Leakage test with finally two Needle Marking function units for serial no. or 2D codes The machine is equipped with a reject table for eject batteries which have not passed the HRD or HV test.


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