CMWTEC Semiautomatic High Voltage Leakage Test 3D Mockup no background

The Advantage:

  • Location of the smallest leakage
  • Test of cover seal line of the battery box
  • Marking of leak point by local burning
  • RS232 to read out test data
  • Movable system
  • Individual test head for battery types
  • No pneumatic necessary
  • Short change-over time

Description of function

The basic machine accommodates the individual components and contains electric control system and digital test device. The unit is moveable and flexible to use in workshops or laboratories. The test head is an individual design test cage for industrial batteries. The cage accommodates the probe with four corresponding test strips. For testing, the cage will be placed onto the battery and the positive electrode will be connected automatically one of the terminals of the battery, while 4 negative electrodes will be positioned around the sealing line of the battery cover.


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