Needle Marking

CMWTEC Semiautomatic Pin Mark

The Advantage:

  • Ideal for marking high quality numbers,
    manually on individual batteries
  • Good marking on different materials as lead or plastic
  • Portable system
  • With control system unit.
    Suitable for manual operation
  • Equipped with complete numbers and letters keyboard, no PC required
  • Easy to handle
  • “Starter Model”

Description of function

The basic unit accommodates the electronic and main supply connection, like power supply and compressed air. The menu of the control system is intuitive to use and suitable for manual operation as well as for integrated systems. Every control system is equipped with a complete internal number and letters keyboard. For operation, no PC is required. The portable dot marking unit is ideal for marking high quality numbers, letters, logos, 2D codes and special characters. Different materials as steel, nonferrous metal and plastic can be marked with a continuous or a single dotted line. The handheld unit will be placed onto the battery positive and negative terminal or plastic cover or battery boxes.


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