Battery Washing & Drying

CMWTEC ECO Washing And Drying 3D Mockup no background

The Advantage:

  • Full stainless-steel construction (316Ti)
  • One-piece manufactured and sealed, low energy consumption
  • Nozzle arm disassembling without tooling for easy cleaning
  • Special open Conveyor grid for washing and drying of battery bottom
  • Stainless-steel electric tank heating elements and temperature control
  • Special spiral heating made of heat resistant inox prevent burn-through
  • Wash water cascade flow system
  • Double-walled heat and noise insolation
  • Central drain pipework

Description of function

The task is optimal cleaning and drying of automotive batteries from sulphuric acid. The transport through the individual wash zones is affected straight on a continuous special stainless-steel roller chain for a safe transport of the batteries and therefore a long service life. A lateral guide will keep the batteries in line and is one side adjustable for different battery width. The top air blade is also adjustable in height, from outside for easy operation and best drying result.


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