Single Screw Plug Insertion

ECO Plug Screwing Workplace 3D Mockup no background

The Advantage:

  • Complete unit with conveyor system
  • CMWTEC Screwing technology
    with tools
  • Individually designed for different
    plug types on request.
  • Screwing with pneumatic screwdriver
    or electronic screwdriver available
  • Buffer for different plug cardboards

Description of function

The unit can be used for screwing single plugs into batteries with 1 x 6 and 2 x 6 holes. The individual batteries supplied through the conveyor of the insertion unit are stopped by manual enable a light barrier. The Screwing module, which is hanging on a balancer, lowered onto the battery for screwing the single plugs with an electronic screwdriver or with a pneumatic screwdriver. By adding a second screwdriver and balancer the unit can be operated with two operators at the same time.


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