Post Greasing

CMW Filling Machine 3D Mockup no background

The Advantage:

  • Automatic greasing process
  • Unique greasing tool for DIN and JIS type terminals
  • Greasing tool design for both – plus and minus terminals
  • Defined volume of grease adjustable 0,04 – 0,28 cm³/ stroke
  • Short change-over time
  • Adaptable to brushing machine as combination unit

Description of function

The machine is designed to be used for deposit a fine layer of grease onto the battery terminals after the washing machine in the finishing area. The individual batteries supplied through the conveyor of the finishing lines are positioned exactly. The rotating special greasing tool is lowered onto the battery terminal. Limitation of the final tool position is realized through tracing on the battery cover. Greasing is accomplished by means of fine lubrication connected to the rotation tool.


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